3. Kathrine-Mary Pichulik is a true wunderkind when it comes to jewellery design. I met the young designer during my stay in Cape Town where a friend introduced us at Kat’s studio at the Woodstock Exchange. She was in a rush as they had a close deadline for custommaking a piece for some famous actress who was looking for something special to wear to an event. The pick up had been scheduled for 4pm. It was already 2 when I was there and she hadn’t even started. Most people would probably panick at such a close deadline but not this lady. The truth is that creativity comes as to Kathrine as the air she breezes which must the the reason why her label Pichulik is only 6 months old and already appearing on the cover of Elle Magazine, worn by no other than the fabulous Solange. I fell in love with her designs on the spot and made sure to bring a few necklaces and bracelets home with me. Fingers crossed we’ll soon see a Pichulik online shop.


  4. I met Romy one evening at a bar in Cape Town. She had recognized me from Berlin where she had once lived there for a while. Within 5 minutes Romy asked if I wanted to join her and her friends to go crayfishing the next day and naturally I agreed. Next thing I knew I was sat in a car with 4 people, 2 surfboards and a dog and we went on a short road trip to a beautiful beach in one of the southern suburbs of Cape Town. The water was too cold for swimming and only the boys went in to catch some crayfish (in wetsuits, anything else wasn’t even negotiable) but we had a great afternoon chatting, tanning and enjoying the scenery.

    This is what I love about traveling, you never know who you meet or where you end up. Romy and I became good friends quickly and ended up going on a few more road trips after that. I love looking back on these images and remembering the time we had.


  5. Hout Bay is a part of Cape Town that makes for a great short trip on a sunny afternoon. Have lunch at Dunes and visit the Bay Harbour Market, happening from Friday to Sunday, 9.30 to 4pm.


  6. During my stay in Cape Town back in January of this year I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in a bike trip through the winelands just outside the city, somewhere between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. The tour was organized by a company called Bikes n wines, a name that leaves no questions open as to what it is they do.

    A small group of us met near the central station and together we hopped on the train that took us directly into the winelands. The ticket was only about 30 cents, so a trip to the winelands when in Cape Town is a cheap and easy endevour. When we arrived at our final destination we were equipped with mountain bikes, helmets, water and snacks and shortly thereafter we were on our way through gorgeous landscapes.

    My personal highlight of the entire trip was the chicken farm with a bunch of seriously happy chickens. Not only do those guys get to have pretty houses on wheels, they don’t even die because they sole purpose is to¬† fertilze the soil to provide ideal conditions for the vines to grow.

    We stopped at a couple of wineries for tastings, the more famous one being Spier and even got to sip on some fine brandies at the Van Ryns brandy distillery in Stellenbosch.

    We finished our day with a great lunch outside in a garden (unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the place we went to) and eventually got back on the train after a final glass of wine (god knows how many I had that afternoon).

    Permission is needed to cycle within the vineyards but thankfully Bikes N Wines have special deals with the vineyard owners and could show me around the best spots while telling us a lot about the history of the place. Fun day.


  7. The sunset in Sea Point, Cape Town. Lovely.


  8. The clouds over Table Mountain in Cape Town are covering it like a table cloth, hence the name.


  9. happy new year