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Check out our new, Thompson Plywood and Hybrid Travel model (TRM-100 and TRM-200), upright basses. With the newer and ever changing restrictions and rules on travel with basses and the airlines, we now offer a very nice, removable neck, upright 'Travel' bass. In recent months, we've really made some incredible strides in the bass shipping/travel 'department'. We first had our new Travel basses ready to go, almost 2 years ago, but because we weren't satisfied with the available cases (removable neck style), that were available, we had to postpone the 'coming out' party for the basses until we could offer a reliable and affordable case that wouldn't break or break the bass! We just didn't see the sense in offering a great travel bass, without a good, reliable case to actually use the bass with!

In conjunction with Tuff-Lite Cases, they have developed their special Traveler Case that is made for every possible variation and requirement that the airlines can throw at you! It has a sleek removable neck/accessory case that fits the neck, bridge and strings into and then a very nice, 'body case' that allows the bassist to ship connected (with neck case in slot) OR 'checked' separately to minimize weight. You can also see the Travel Case on our Bass Flight Cases page.

Thompson Removable Neck BassThese basses are built with an extremely reliable, solid aluminum, dovetail joint. So, you have a great sounding, REAL feeling upright bass to take on tours now, without having to rent some 'unknown' bass, or bringing some inferior (less than satisfying) bass 'idea'. We feel and hear no difference at all in the removable neck bass tone quality or volume of sound compared to the regular made (glued in solid neck) Thompson basses.

Prices for Thompson Travel basses:

Thompson TRM-100 Plywood bass (if sold separately), $2, 165

  • bass comes with padded bag, bridge adjusters, your choice of strings, upgraded tuners, oil varnish, and with removable neck

Thompson TRM-200 Hybrid bass (if sold separately), $2, 865

When buying both a bass and the new Tuff-Lite Travel Case:

1) Thompson TRM-100 Plywood bass and Tuff-Lite Traveler would normally cost, $2, 165 + $3, 450 which would normally by, $5, 615. When bought together, the total price 'packaged deal' is now, $5, 035 total. You save, $580. A an incredible bass and an incredible case!

2) Thompson TRM-200 Hybrid bass and Tuff-Lite Traveler would normally cost, $2, 865 + $3, 450 which would normally by, $6, 315. When bought together, the total price 'packaged deal' is now, $5, 655 total. A savings of $660.

Pictured below is the new Thompson, Removable Neck, Plywood Upright Bass:
Most of everything you see on our regular Thompson Upright Basses page, will look identical those basses, however we show the TRM (Removable Neck, Plywood, with oil varnish) In these photos, we try to only show photos related to the removable neck. They are very well made.

(Click on any smaller image below here for a greater, detailed view)

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