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We joined this travel club in May of 2008. We were promised discounted rates on hotels and all inclusive trip packages, domestic and international. No one returned my calls and requests for service for the first three months. Last week I requested quotes for a weekend trip to Las Vegas. I did recieve a call saying that it would take a few days, and was told that they could do an all-inclusive (meals included) trip.

After not hearing from them, I followed up and there was no record of my request, and I was told to 'just call back another time'. I asked that someone contact me instead. A few more days passed with no call, so my husband called and was forwarded to a supervisor. After complaining to him, we received an email with four different quotes (each with the same flight, but different hotels). The per person rates seemed high so I went online and quoted them myself (same airline, flight time, hotels and type of room) and was able to get better rates myself. The travel club was going to charge on an average two hundred dollars more than if we just booked it ourselves online. I understand domestic airline rates change often, but there was obviously no discount on the rooms, and none of the quotes were all-inclusive, like previously promised. We have been told that there are no refunds of the initial sign up fee, even if the service (or lack of) is substandard.

We paid 1, 999.00 to join and would like to have this money refunded. We have not obtained any service from the Vacation Travel Club that would justify payment owed to them. I would understand if they felt the need to retain an administrative fee for entering us into their system and for mailing us a membership card.

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