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For only $9.95, protect yourself with our instant, Safe Gun Travel Guide that includes all up-to-date gun laws and CCW reciprocity guidelines alongside step-by-step driving directions customized for your exact route! was created for hunters, firearm enthusiasts, people traveling to and from gun shows, and people traveling through states on vacation or for work who choose to travel with a firearm and want to lawfully exercise their 2nd Amendment right.


Single Report Seasonal Package Annual Package
$9.95 $19.95 $49.95
  • Instant full-detail PDF report for your route
  • Includes statutes & CCW reciprocity (now includes non-resident CCW reciprocity!)
  • Step-by step driving directions with route map
  • Just fill out the form in the sidebar to get started
  • Update: You can now purchase just a single credit to use at a later date
  • Purchase credits at lower rate and use now or later
  • 3 safe travel guides @ less than $7 each
  • 12 Reports @ less than $5 each

2015 SGT USA Travel Risk Advisory

The above graph depicts the breakdown of states categorized by the SGT Freedom Ranking algorithm, where green is gun travel friendly, yellow is moderate, and red is high-risk. Our gun travel data is regularly updated.

Most Popular Destinations

Our visitors are traveling an average distance of 974.3 miles across 5.6 states, with 17.09% of visitors traveling without a CCW, 62.92% with one CCW permit, and 19.99% are traveling with two or more CCW permits.

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