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Ya, Another Promotional…

Custom Band-Aids imprinted with your logo make fabulous advertisements for healthcare-related businesses, including doctors, nurses, clinics, home health care providers and medical/nursing schools.

We also carry promotional bandage holders/dispensers and personalized first aid kits. Many of our imprinted bandage products are small enough to fit into an envelope for a mail-out campaign.

Printing your logo or personalized message on custom band-aids will strengthen the association of your name with the health care industry in the minds of your potential customers.

Branding your medical or health care business or event is easy when you imprint your logo on custom band-aids or personalized bandage dispensers. It's a great way to create an association in the minds of your customers and associates between your image and quality health care.

One of the best things about using custom bandaids to advertise with is that they are small and inexpensive. Our custom band-aids and personalized bandage holders start as low as 37 cents, and a majority of our promotional bandage products are under $2.50 per unit, which includes the cost of imprinting your logo or customized message.

Our custom band-aids and bandaid dispensers include a variety of different types of bandaids, including latex and non-latex (foam, cloth) types for those who have latex allergies or sensitivities. Band-aid holders/dispensers also come in a range of materials, including soft (vinyl, paper) and hard (plastic) varieties. Many of our promotional bandage products are small enough to fit inside of an envelope. They're also compact enough to be easily transported to off-site locations, such as event venues.

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