Traveling Games to play in the car

The Ten Best Games To Play On

Make up a list of things to find along the road. Give each child a list of items to watch for while driving. For a younger child who can't read, you might draw a little picture of each item next to the word so they will know what to look for. Work as individuals or together as teams. The list can be made up ahead of time and adjusted for the scenery. Check off each item when they find it.

  • City
  • flashing red light
  • bus
  • signs in foreign languages
  • dog
  • food store
  • railroad tracks
  • billboard with a child on it
  • police officer
  • licence plate with "Q"
  • person with tall boots
  • person talking on a cellphone
  • Suburbs
  • school
  • flashing traffic light
  • someone on a bike
  • statue
  • church
  • playground
  • flower garden
  • person walking a dog
  • Rural
  • cows
  • pond or lake
  • dirt road
  • tractor
  • gas station
  • horses
  • barn

01 Alphabet Words

Pick a letter and find words or objects starting with that letter. Move through the alphabet. Or play as a memory game - A is for apple; B is for. The second player must remember what "A" was for, and so on through the alphabet.

02 Building Words

Build a word one letter at a time. Each successive player adds a letter and must have a real word in mind.

03 Buzz

Try to reach 100 without making a mistake. Every time you get to a number that's divisible by seven (7, 14, 21) or has a seven in it (17), say "Buzz" instead of the number.

04 The Car Next Door

Invent stories about people in the car next to yours

05 Group Story Telling

Someone starts a story and, after a couple of sentences, points to someone else to continue the story.

06 I Spy

Or "I spy with my little eye". Use colour or first letter as a hint. Whoever guesses correctly goes next.

07 Name That Tune

Can be played with TV theme songs.

08 Odds, Evens

Two players pick either "odds" or "evens", say, "One, two, three...shoot, " and stick out one or two fingers.

09 Rock, Paper, Scissors

Two can play. Both players make rock paper or scissors shapes behind their backs, say "One, two, three, " and show their hands.

10 Twenty Questions

One person states they are a person, place or thing. (Or declares animal, vegetable or mineral.) Everybody else gets to interrogate the player with 20 questions, which must be answered "yes" or "no."

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