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If there’s one thing I wish someone would have told me before my trip, it’s this: It may be summer in California, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm.

Wow, did I pack poorly for this experience!

In the morning, fellow BART riders were sporting winter coats while I shivered in a skimpy summer sundress. By lunchtime, they’d ditched their coats in favor of sweaters. By the end of the workday, when we were sitting outside for post-drink cocktails, we were sweltering in the summer sun.

And the difference between San Francisco’s downtown and my sister’s home just south in Fremont was a startling 10-degree difference.

So, above all else: Wear layers. Lesson learned.

I will say, when it was warm, the San Franciscans could not be kept indoor. Though it was sweltering, happy hour on the patio of Sens in Embarcadero offered fun rooftop views. The sun umbrellas helped, too.

For the best views, though, I recommend taking a trip to the top of Coit Tower by Telegraph Hill. With 360-degrees of lookout points, you could see it all. It’s especially a must on a clear day for those who are visiting the city for the first time.

As far as sites go, for a fun culinary experience and gorgeous views, check out the Ferry Building, which houses a beautiful marketplace filled with artisan cheese stores, shops dedicated to mushrooms and much more. Their farmers market is also open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Have I mentioned the views enough? They’ve stuck with me. The one thing this flatlander didn’t get to do is to conquer climbing up one of the mountains I passed on my BART rides outside of the city. Next time!

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