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Be a Travel BloggerThis one’s specially for you dear readers! We love how you guys respond when we ask questions, especially when it’s for recommendations to someplace we haven’t been before. As travel bloggers, we’re so glad it isn’t a one-way conversation, and why should it be, when you guys as travellers have this wealth of information to share from your own experiences! Now we know it isn’t possible for everyone to up and become travel bloggers (especially if you already have a job), but here’s an easy way out!

Presenting – You can be a travel blogger!

Be a Travel is this pretty cool website (read: we love the funky graphics) which showcases travelogues by travellers such as yourself, putting it into an easy to upload, easy to view format. It’s like a crowdsourced Lonely Planet of sorts. The best part? You can find traveloguers you like, and catch up on all their stories, or search for one using various filters to zero in on your kind of trip. The perfect trip-planning and trip-showcase tool, all rolled into one!

Be a Travel BloggerHow does it work?

Create a Bio. Answer the fun kindergarten style questions (think rating sliders, multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks), upload your photos and you’re all set to share it with the world.

What kind of information will you find here?

The sky’s the limit. Everything from weather, to public transport tips to restaurant and hotel reviews and activity recommendations to budgeting guides. It isn’t complex, and we like how just the right amount of detailing is included (like what to order at which restaurant). And with the nifty filter, you can select options to zero in on exactly the kind of trip you’re trying to research (or well, just browse if you’ve got as much wanderlust as us). We know exactly where you’re going to start planning your next trip!

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