Traveling Together

WOMEN TRAVELING TOGETHER IN BangladeshAccording to the Travel Industry Association, there is an estimated 32 million single American women who have traveled at least once in the past year. The average adventure travelers are not made up of couples as it use to be, but women traveling together. Fueling this travel desire is made up of one-third “Indie” women; a new term for those over 27, not married, not living with a partner and without children.

  1. are not willing to settle for less in their leisure or business travel. Smaller, luxury hotels have seen a surge in “Indie” women bookings with a 53% increase in demand for rooms women traveling together.
  2. Women are increasingly bilingual, making travel easier. In today’s global economy, a recent survey showed that a third of all business executives are bi-lingual. Most colleges require students to have at least two years of a foreign language. This requirement is making travel more comfortable for many women traveling together.
  3. Women ask questions and want smart answers about their destination and their fellow travelers. Particularly in group travel experiences, women traveling together want to go prepared, with all of their questions answered, with a reading list to get them ready for the travel and some background on the persons with which they will be traveling. Travel That Matters will speak with each and every traveler before proceeding with booking.
  4. are always seeking unusual and new destinations while men are more satisfied with more predictable golf resort destinations. When you take a journey with Travel That Matters, know they will be able to handle all aspects of the trip and make your adventures comfortable, meaningful and fun.
  5. Today’s women are okay traveling alone. They may not be able to arrange dates to work with friends or family, and they are traveling solo in a group that might have their same interests in travel – adventure, culinary, art, history, etc. consist of all ages. compared to ten years ago, has changed for the better and can be attributed to the growth of the widowed and divorced, rising growth of “indies” and the growing longevity and vitality of those in their senior years.
  6. Women’s expectations for travel have grown beyond normal travel agents.Travel That Matters has seen life-changing transformations occur when women traveling together with a purpose. They make deeper connections with themselves, the women they are traveling with, and the people in the local culture. And they are passionate...

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