Fun Travel Agency names

Fun is a key element in my life and I would want to enjoy each moment of my life. With this feeling in mind, I thought of giving a surprise to one of my university friends. He was coming to Delhi from Hyderabad and I had told him that I would pick him up from the airport.

Sitting in the evening in my room, I thought of having some fun. I opened a word doc typed a placard for my friend. He belongs to Meerut and his name is Prashant, but we used to call him Dr. Pareshaan(Pareshaan means disturbed about something and it rhymes with Prashant). I typed the following message:

Musafir Travels Private Limited




(Meerut Wale)

Went to a photocopy shop and got it printed in A3 size. Then went to a stationary shop and got it pasted on to a cardboard so that it looks like a placard. I knew he was fond of alochol so took some cans of beer as well. Thought, we will sip beer as we drive back to Gurgaon.

With all the ammunition ready...I drove to the airport. Parked my car at the parking and At the arrival terminal, I took out the placard and stook at the arrival gate. With the placard in hand I was standing along with chauffeurs of top private hotels of Delhi, hiding my face. By chance i had worn a cap also on that day, which became a disguise.

When his flat landed, he called me.I said ' Sorry Yaar, I had some urgent work to do and so I have rather sent a driver for you to pick you up. So Sorry. The driver has a placard with your name. Please just come with him". Sounding apologetic I finished the conversation.

After waiting for a while, the moment came, which I had been waiting for, the surprise and the smile on his face. It was a moment. A kodak they say. Being proud of having given such a suprise, I asked him to click a pic of mine...which I am posting here.

Another friend posted it on facebook and today I made it my facebook profile pic. There was a lot of interest generated with lots of likes.

I was just looking at the pic and satiating my self gratification and my desired to be likeable (on facebook) and loved in life.

Suddenly, an entrepreneurial thought came to my mind and I thought I should share it on this blog as it relates to travel only. Though it doesnt intend to be a professional travel blog and merely my travel jottings, nevertheless its a free flowing thought in my mind and ought to be shared.

I thought travel should be FUN. How if a family takes a trip and is recieved with as much warmth in a distant place. How if the travel agent does an hour long call with the traveller and knows them and what they want and form a relation and then recieve them. I am not saying do the nonsese that I did...But may be something loveable for the tourist.

I intend to name it Organic Travel Design or ODT. Where the trip is designed as it starts and in conversation with the traveller tourist.

So, once the travel agent has collected enough information about the tourist. He chooses the point to visit accordingly. So, if someone is more nature loving, they are taken to nature spots and if some are shopping loving, they are taken to malls and prominent shopping centre of the city. If someone in art then there.

S, if a person is visiting 10 different spots in a city. 8 are predecided and 2 happen after the person lands and interacts with the travel agent on ground. Lets call this travel agent a Guide.

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