Fun Travel games for Teens

The Awkward Moment Card Game

Enjoy a blast from the past with Mad Libs on the Road ($3.25 at Amazon). Like all the best road trip games for kids, these word games combine an educational element with lots of hilarious funny moments. Learn parts of speech and have fun filling in the _____!

3. Travel Scavenger Hunt For Kids

The Travel Scavenger Hunt For Kids Card Game ($8.39 at Amazon) is a great way to keep kids entertained on the road. In these road trip games, multiple players take on-the-road sightseeing to a new level looking for the objects on the 54 scavenger hunt cards.

4. Melissa & Doug License Plate Game

The Melissa & Doug License Plate Game ($19.20 at Amazon) is one of the best road trip games I’ve found in all my research. This sturdy game board is reusable, lots of fun, and it’ll help kids learn the names and locations of all 50 states! Here’s a quote from an Amazon review:

When I saw a California tag, we pulled up next to them at the red light and I held up the game and said, ‘Thanks for the California tag!’ She got a big kick out of it and we all laughed.

5. Spot It! on the Road

The Awkward Moment Card Game (click here to see it at UncommonGoods) offers up a hilarious exploration of everyone’s approach to awkward moments. Reviewers recommend it especially for teenagers, since most of the “awkward moments” in these road trip games focus on high school experiences!

8. Travel Magnetic Chess Set

A Travel Magnetic Chess Set ($8.66 at Amazon) makes a great travel gift for teens, especially those who already have a taste for chess. Given their bargain price, these road trip games are well-made. They’re also lightweight enough for easy transport.

9. Kwizniac Trivia Game

($17.19 at Amazon) offers up great fun for trivia fans on the move. These road trip games are recommended for ages 12-16, and reviewers say it’s easy to learn and fun to play! Here’s what one Amazon reviewer had to say:

My family and I bought this for a road trip and it kept all four of us (two adults, a 12 year old and a 9 year old) entertained on the long drive.

10. The USA Project Playing Cards

Nurture your creativity and support artists across America with The USA Project Playing Cards (click here to see it at UncommonGoods). This is a typical set of cards that you could use to play any of your favorite classic road trip games: the twist is their beautiful designs created by artists from all around the United States.

11. Table Topics

click here to see it at UncommonGoods) is a trivia game that inspires hilarious debates and includes passing a stegosaurus between players with each turn. This is one of the road trip games that can get everyone laughing during your journey.

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