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RSS feed is a smart way of keeping the visitors of a website updated about new contents in that site. For receiving RSS feeds, the visitors have to subscribe and they will get news update from time to time. In the feeds, the subscribers get summery of the new posts, articles, blogs, new products or any other type of news and if he finds it attractive, he then visits the site to read the full story. This news update helps the users to be well informed.

One of the important categories for news feeds is travel news. These feeds are not only helpful for the tourists but also for travel related business persons and researchers. The travel news RSS feed contains the latest information about weather, foods, festivals, accommodation, journey, environments, costs, attractions and other related facts which are very important for the tourists. Besides the positive facts, there might be some negative issues like political instability, health risks or personal security which need to be learnt before visiting a place. By getting instant news update, the tourists can be well prepared for what may come in a new place.

For travel related business owners, it is very important to be well educated about any sudden change or possible business melt down or the possibility to make a fortune in a tourist location. This can influence the whole business and have huge impact on making business decision.

For the geographical researchers, travel news feed has great importance. They need to be well aware about anything new in full extent about the place they are working on and for that, RSS feeds can be a very helpful tool.

There are plenty of websites that publish travel news. Many of them are local and many are international. Most of these sites offer hotel, flight and car booking along with general information. Besides that, they usually publish reviews and guide of popular tourist destinations. So by subscribing to these sites, anyone can get the latest information about the place he is interested in.

Although most of the tourism sites offer only a summary of each news or article; many of them use full text articles in their RSS news feeds. This is time consuming as well as the reader does not have to go through the whole website just to read one article.

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