Travel solo over 50


“Freedom and personal autonomy are more important to people’s well-being than money…”

Yes, the adage is true: money can’t buy happiness. In fact, the findings of a number of studies show that choice and autonomy are greater predictors of happiness than money.

This is important at all stages of life but I think this presents a particularly important finding for people over fifty. At this stage, your web of relationships and responsibilities can leave you exhausted.

If you’re over 50, you are of the Boomer generation. You created the echo generation as you had children yourself. And, you’re part of the sandwich generation as you likely have one or more parents alive and requiring your attention. You probably have 2+ adult children and possibly a few grandchildren. You may have an ex-spouse and a new spouse to be concerned with and, by extension, step-children and step-grandchildren. In the complicated world of boomers, relationships are everywhere as are the demands on your schedule.

These relationship provide great satisfaction and meaning to life. However, they don’t always allow one to feel light and happy.

Here’s where I make my pitch about happiness and solo travel. If autonomy and choice are fundamental to happiness, it’s important to take a break from the demands of others and spend some time living on your own terms. Whether you’re single or have a partner, solo travel is an opportunity to make choices and…

  • Feel free.
  • Gain confidence from that independence.
  • Discover who you are when you’re not meeting the demands of a spouse or children.
  • Spend time developing your talents or discovering new ones.
  • Build confidence after a divorce or loss.
  • Return happy.

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