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Looking at Trinidad and Tobago on a map draws to mind picturesque water and pristine sand. Here would be a trip away from the stress and anxieties of every day life where one can escape from the normalcy of stress and difficulties. Unfortunately, traveling to unfamiliar places has its own set of worries; anytime you travel you should be aware of the customs and norms of where you visit. Outlined are the top five things travelers should know to ensure a safe and luxurious vacation to Trinidad and Tobago, and most of all to keep you out of trouble with the locals and with law enforcement.

  1. Marijuana is Illegal

It’s easy to convince yourself that this is a vacation and you’re in the Caribbean, so you must “do as the locals do.” While “ganja” is very popularly and heavily used on the islands, it is still illegal. If you’re flaunting the use of it or mistaking the laid back culture to be one welcoming tourists looking to get high, you are dead wrong. Be very cautious and when in doubt, just say no. While the guy approaching you at the resort looks like he’s offering it to be friendly, this could be an undercover officer or be witnessed by others looking to turn you in. Err on the side of caution with this one, because the last thing you need on your trip is to be locked in a Trinidadian prison.

  1. Be Aware at All Times

Even locals will be aware of their surroundings, particularly in crowded cities or when traveling at night by foot. If you aren’t with a group of people, take a taxi when it starts to get dark out, and always wear your necessities close to you. Don’t flaunt jewelry or money, or it will quickly draw the attention of the wrong passersby. Even though this is a vacation, try to keep your wits about you and not loosen your inhibitions by getting too drunk or becoming too friendly with strangers. It’s not uncommon to think you’re having a great night, only to realize hours later that your watch and wallet are gone. While theft is one of the biggest crimes committed in the country, just like anywhere in the world there is always the danger of violent crimes, particularly for women, when traveling alone, or late at night. Just be aware and never be too trusting of anything or anyone you aren’t familiar with.

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