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about-imageOz Endurance provides timing, scoring and race management solutions for over 100 events each year throughout the Midwest. Since 2009, Oz Endurance has provided timing support for events such as the Houston Marathon, Route 66 Marathon, the Prairie Fire Marathon and the RedMan Triathlon.

Oz Endurance will provide the means and equipment necessary to make sure that every event is professionally run. Oz Endurance was the first company in the Central Kansas region to offer chip timing solutions and we are excited to be taking an active part in the next generation of race timing.

Meet Our Owners – Patrick Todd and Brandi Lane

A few of Patrick’s accomplishments over the years include the following:

  • Degrees in Marketing and Accounting from THE Wichita State University
  • Boston Marathon Qualifier and 2 Iron Distance Triathlons (PR 10:38)
  • Many triathlon age-group wins throughout North America from sprint to iron distance
  • Coached over 100 runners from beginners to marathon finishers in Minnesota, New Jersey, and Kansas
  • Original member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan club
  • Proud father and husband

Brandi Parks Lane graduated from Friends University with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development in 2014. She attended the University of Arkansas as well as Arkansas Tech University with degrees in Journalism and Public Relations. In 2004 Lane participated in her first marathon, and has been hooked with the sport of running. Brandi has a passion for event management, fun, and physical fitness.

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