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4. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Normally I am not one to write a review, however after travelling recently, I found myself relying on reviews and therefore thought I should write a review on Cruise America especially as it was my first time renting an RV and is very tricky to work out all the expenses before you go. I thought that I read all the fineprint however there was still lots that I missed or couldnt find out.

Here is my Cruise America experience, I hope it provides you with a closer, honest look before you decide to rent with this company. There are good and bad points to this review.

First of all when you are booking the rv, you pay a deposit and then the rest comes out like a week or two later, so make sure you have enough in your account to avoid fees and the cancellation of your rv booking.

We booked the C19 compact rv. I travelled with my sister and we are both young, so we didnt know anything about rv's, but we thought this one was big enough for our needs. We booked this rv for one month. From november 20th-december 20th.

Daily rate $34.80x 30 equals rental total $1044.00.

Extras total:

unlimited miles option $984.50

2x personal kits $110

sales tax $168.75

TOTAL AFTER TAX $2, 307.25

On arrival also you have to pay $500 for bond (if using a raised number credit card) or $1000 (if paying cash) which you will get back on return if everything is to standard.

You obviously have to have a drivers licence and be over the age of 21.

A day before you pick the rv up, you must ring them and tell them a time you will be there so they can have it ready. You cannot pick the rv up the day you arrive in from overseas either.

As we did not pay for the 'early bird departure special' we could not get the rv until after 1pm, if you pay for the early special you can drive the rv from 9am. Also when returning the rv if you paid for the early special you can return the rv up until 3pm, however we didnt so you have to return the rv at 9am. If you wish to return the rv a few days early there is no refund for unused days. We actually wished we only booked it for 3 weeks.

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