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Jan and Janny

For two years in a row Jan and Janny visited Bob during winter. Directly below is the travelogue of 2013. Further down you can read their story of last year.

Travelogue 2013

This year Jan and I have been back for four weeks to Thailand. Together with Bob we visited the Karen Refugees in Pala - U. We would go to the two families we also visited last year. We are allowed to take pictures to show at home and to those who have donated money.

We decided that we do not want gifts anymore on our birthdays, and if people still want to give something, then we would like to receive gift for the project. This resulted in a nice amount of money. From the parents in law of one of our children we also received the contents of the charity pot of their cafeteria. From the talk group of the church we also received the contents of their 'pot'. In this way we could surprise Bob with a nice amount and we bought extra things in terms of food and toys for the children.

Nong AiAt the hotel we spoke with a Dutch couple about Bob's work and we mentioned that we would join him with a visit. They were very interested and joined us. It is a snowball effect.

We arrived at the family, a grandmother with severely disabled granddaughter, Nong Ai. Grandmother told us that the girl is ill. She felt very warm and we gave her a nice teddy bear which she directly pressed against herself. Grandmother was busy to wind yarn. If she made a tangle she started weaving bags.

Then we drove to the Bible school where Bob always delivers food. There was a German doctor who treats the sick and provides medication. This guy comes every year and does this work entirely disinterested. Very special to see this. Bob picked up Nong Ai. She was examined and given medicines. We also visited the other family and gave them extra food and toys. Both families now get diapers for disabled children.

OlifantWe wish Bob God's blessing on his special work. Warm regards,

Jan and Janny

We, Janny and Jan, have visited Hua Hin in January 2012. It was the second time we were in Hua Hin and we were looking for a church service. We found that there is a service in the Hilton Hotel weekly at Sundays at ten o'clock. We didn't know this before.

During a service we met Bob van Rijn. His story impressed us deeply. We travelled with Bob to Pala - U to visit his project. It was hartbreaking to see how these poor families live in dependence of other people. We also directed some of our friends to Bob when they were in Hua Hin. They also visited Pala - U. We support the project of Bob, but this is not sufficient.

We want to generate more attention to this good work. In a talkgroup of our Protestant church we told the story of Bob. Spontaneously one decided to allocate a part of the charity money to this project. This part is already transferred. Moreover, our parish committee decided to transfer money monthly.

God bless, kind regards,

Carola and Dinant

Last autumn Carola and Dinant visited Bob. They recorded their experiences in the travel report that you can read below.

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