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Solo Female Travel in Marrakech: Is It Safe?Earlier this month, I spent some time by myself in Marrakech, Morocco. When I mentioned my plans to friends and family before the trip, I usually received the same reaction: “Is it SAFE?”. Well, I’ve returned and I’m still alive and in one piece (oh and my sister has been living in Morocco alone for over a year), so the answer would have to be “YES.”

If you’re on the fence about solo female travel to Marrakech, my advice is to go but take some precautions.

What To Wear

Dress conservatively. You’ll see Western women wearing everything from mini skirts to tank tops in Marrakech, but if you want to minimize cat calls and be respectful then you are better off covering up with long sleeves, long pants and a light scarf/jacket. Click here to read my post about what to pack for a trip to Morocco.

Henna Cafe MarrakechHow to Stay Safe

Most Moroccans are friendly and welcoming, but unfortunately there are also many men who view Western women as “easy, ” which is why they will follow you, yell things at you, and generally harass you in ways that are annoying but harmless. To keep things from escalating, simply ignore men that approach you and walk with purpose (wear sunglasses to avoid making eye contact). You can also wear a fake wedding ring and tell them you’re married – that seems to put them off.

If someone touches you or makes you feel unsafe at any time, make a scene and other Moroccans nearby will surely come to your aid and tell your harasser to back off. If you’re being followed by someone you can’t shake, head into a shop and pretend to look at something. The shopkeeper will tell Mr.Henna at Cafe Henna, Marrakech Romeo to get lost – he doesn’t want him bothering a customer.

And here’s the obvious but necessary warning: don’t walk around alone late at night. The medina turns into a ghost town at night, and let’s be real: would you walk down a dark alley alone in your hometown? The answer is probably no. Marrakech is a bit livelier than other Moroccan medinas – I felt safe walking back to my hostel as late as 10PM but not after.

Moroccans are generally nice and ready to go out of their way to help you. So be cautious but also be open – it’s fine to have tea with a shop owner you just purchased something from. They’ll probably tell you about their family and show you photos, and say hello to you every time you pass by for the rest of your trip.

Rooftop of Kafe Fnaque Berbere, Marrakech Kafe Fnaque Berbere, Marrakech Kafe Fnaque Berbere, Marrakech (Inside) Hammam de la Rose Marrakech

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