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Savannah GeorgiaNews just in; Disneyland may no longer hold the title for the happiest place on earth! It’s competition? Savannah, Georgia!

Savannah was our first stop on our recent road trip from Florida, and what a way to start the trip! It’s beauty and charm is something straight from the pages of a fairytale. It’s more romantic than Paris, it’s more friendly than Australia, and with more character than London. It’s seen a colorful past of pirates, cotton, slaves and civil war; a site of many famous Revolutionary & Civil War Battles.Savannah Forsyth Square It’s historical preservation is beyond anything I have experienced in the United States, but then again it is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the country!

Savannah is the most beautiful city in the world and I’m in love!!

I’m not kidding about being in love – walking the streets of Savannah puts you on a natural high. Our exhaustion from having driven 8 hours from Florida was instantly replaced with a buzzing sensation and a need to take in this whole magical place.

SavannahFrom the moment we walked out of our hotel music filled the air. Cobblestone streets led us to the City Market where musicians provided live outdoor entertainment to those enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening. We passed more horse and carriages and trolley tours than we did cars.

We passed historic mansions, houses and buildings; each which had it’s own individual character and each which had a story to tell. Each street leads to a different town square, all of which are decked out with fountains, park benches and different monuments celebrating the heritage of the area.Sports and Hundred year old gnarled and twisted trees line the streets, parks and squares, drizzling a canopy of Spanish Moss. It reignited the feeling of romance.

The town plan was completed in 1733, and it’s by far one of the most well planned towns I have encountered to date! Being so pedestrian friendly, we spent the whole evening exploring the historic district on foot and quickly made it to Forsyth Park – where do I even begin?!

It’s absolutely beautiful. There is no shortage of Spanish Moss, nor is there a shortage of park itself. The area is HUGE and on a Sunday afternoon was the hub of all sporting and social activity.

Forsyth Park; Social Hub of Savannah Very family orientated city. Don't be fooled by the historical facade.  Savannah is a young town. Historic Savannah,

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