Travel Inn Anchorage

Travel Inn

I can't say enough to dissuade you from staying here. This is the absolute worst of the worst. How this motel is allowed to continue to do business is a complete mystery to me and everyone else who lives in Anchorage. There MUST be some bribery of public officials at play, because so many complaints have been lodged against Travel Inn and yet they continue to do business. The place is filthy, unkempt and dangerous. Additionally, most occupants are druggies, whores, or transients who "live" at there .

The people who work at the desk are HORRIBLE. Before I moved here (before I knew better, ) I stopped in to inquire about monthly rates. I needed a back-up plan in case my housing fell through. The Korean "gentleman" at the counter was abrupt and mean when I asked even the most basic of questions. I asked to see a room and was denied. Their rates are outrages given the deplorable condition and location of this joint. Prisoners get better accommodation.

You may think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. Read the reviews and see the pictures posted on other websites. It's horrifying. I'm so glad the guy at the desk was so upfront about being an asshole that he sent off warning bells that kept me from making a reservation.

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