Traveling to Belize

Traveling to Belize

Sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala is Belize, one of Central America’s biggest tourist destinations and one of my favorite countries. Belize’s barrier reef draws in scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world, and many of the country’s national parks are a birdwatcher’s paradise. Those with an interest in archaeology will find the Mayan sites of Altun Ha, Lamani, and Caracol fascinating. The locals are very friendly, the weather pleasant, and the food tasty and delicious. Belize may not be the cheapest Central American destination but it’s one of the easiest and more relaxing places to travel in the region. I’ve put the best tips from my trip into this travel guide for you! I’d go back in a heartbeat!

Typical Costs

Accommodation – For a single room in a hostel, prices start at $15 USD. In touristy areas, most cost around $20 USD, and privates can be upwards of $40 in a hostel. Budget hotels start at around $35 USD per night, but your best value will be renting a room or an apartment from a local in the center of town.

Food – The cheapest way to eat is to eat local. By eating at off the beaten path restaurants, you can expect to pay around $4 USD for a meal, especially if you’re grabbing something to go for just a few bucks. A sit down meal with drinks will cost between $15-25 USD. Snack on fruit here—it’s cheap, abundant, fresh, and delicious. Groceries for a week will cost about $40 USD.

Transportation – Public buses are by far the cheapest travel option in the country, with fares costing between $1-10 USD, depending on the distance traveled. City taxis cost around $5 USD for a trip. Ferries to the islands are between $15-20 USD.

Activities – Entrance to most Mayan ruins and national parks costs around $10 USD. However, excursions, especially diving trips, start to increase in cost with a typical day costing $100 USD. Full day non-diving trips cost around $40 USD depending on whether food and entrance fees are included.

Money Saving Tips

Travel off-peak – The most expensive time to visit is between October and April. By traveling in the off-season, you can significantly reduce prices for accommodation and flights.

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