Traveling Vineyard Review

Traveling Vineyard Success KitBy Holly Reisem Hanna

This month I had the opportunity to review the Traveling Vineyard and their Success Kit for new Wine Guides. I’ve always thought the Traveling Vineyard had a fun and unique concept, but also ideal. After all, what’s always served at home shopping parties … you guessed it, wine! And who doesn’t love drinking free wine?!

The company started back in 2001 with the goal of making wine tastings less stuffy. Well, their relaxed vision took off and today the company has over 1, 000 Wine Guides in over 40 states.

The Products:

The Traveling Vineyard has 21 different varieties of wine in 3 different categories: red, white, and sweet and fizzy. Besides wine, they also sell accessories such as chillers, decanters, and openers. Wines are priced from $14 – $25 per bottle and because it’s a consumable item people always need more. Best of all their wines have a guest satisfaction rating of over 98%.

Cost to Join:

In January you can become a Wine Guide for $174 ($99 for the Success Kit and $75 for your first two tasting sets). You can also earn an electric wine opener when you reach $750 in sales within your first 60 days. If you sell $1, 400 within your first 60 days, you’ll also get a $50 rebate. Lastly, for every friend that you sign up as a Wine Guide during your first 60 days, you’ll also receive a $100 bonus when you both reach $750 in sales.

The Success Kit comes with everything you need to get started, from wine glasses and decanters, to openers, carrying bags, brochures, order forms, marketing materials, educational cards, and your first two wine kits — so that you can host two tasting parties. I was really impressed with sommology cards which teach you about all the different varietals, pairings, and aspects of wine. These not only make it super easy to learn about the wine industry, but they’re great for your customers to view at tasting parties.

Traveling Vineyard Success KitWith the Success Kit you also get your own Personal Estate Website free for the first 3 months, afterwards it’s .95 a month. While I didn’t have an opportunity to review the Personal Estate Website, it does contain additional training, videos, and your own personal accounting software, so that you can track orders and see how much money you’re making.

For each party that you schedule — you’ll need to bring 5 bottles of wine for tasting. But the cool thing is if you sell $150 and have at least 3 orders at your tasting party, you’ll get a $75 credit which you can apply towards your next tasting set.


Wine Guides can make 15% – 35% in commission based on monthly sales volume. Payments are made 3 times a month via direct deposit. As a Wine Guide you get a 20% discount off of wine and these sales are combined in your monthly personal volume. On average, Wine Guides sell $417 per tasting party. And there are no monthly sales quotas, which a lot of direct sales companies do have.

There are basically 4 ways in which you can earn money with the Traveling Vineyard:

  • Home Tasting Events
  • Online Sales
  • Monthly Wine Club Sales
  • Building a Team

Lastly, you can earn incentive trips where you can get an all expense paid trip for meeting certain milestones, like hosting events, sponsoring new team members, and getting promoted.

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