Traveling with Baby

Traveling with Baby

Travelling with baby is never the nightmare we imagine – and a little forward planning can go a long way towards avoiding a “bumpy ride”!

When your baby is very young – and you take a suitcase-full of equipment just to visit the supermarket – the thought of travelling any further can be a bit intimidating! Your main concern at this stage is often how you will cope with feeding your baby in unfamiliar surroundings, particularly when he is used to homemade food.

Don’t go reaching for the jars of baby food just yet, though – it’s possible to continue to feed your baby fresh, healthy food no matter where you go. And, if your destination is overseas, he may even be able to try some exotic new fruits or vegetables that weren’t available at home.

NOTE: We’ve received a few messages indicating that we’ve spelled the word ‘traveling’ incorrectly. This page actually uses the British or Canadian spelling ‘travelling’ rather than the US ‘traveling’ with baby, with only one ‘l’. Nevertheless, we hope you’ll find the information on this page useful wherever you are!

Travelling With Baby – Preparing For Your Journey

Essential supplies

There are certain essentials you’ll need for any trip with your baby – check each item off the list as you pack them … and start well in advance of your journey!

What You’ll Need When Travelling With Baby

  • Enough food and milk for the trip (see the “feeding” section below for more information)
  • Nappies/diapers and wipes (bring more than you think you’ll need)
  • Nappy/diaper rash cream (if necessary)
  • Scented nappy sacks and plastic bags for garbage
  • Baby’s bowl and utensils
  • (making it easy to feed baby wherever you go)
  • Baby blanket – the reassuring scent of your baby’s own blanket will give him comfort in new surroundings
  • (if necessary)
  • Spare clothes for baby and you, in case of spills and accidents
  • Equipment for warming food
  • Disposable bibs, or a wipe-clean
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  • Spare dummies/pacifiers (if necessary)
  • Water/juice
  • Breast pump (if necessary)
  • Nightlight – for night-time feeds in dark, unfamiliar hotel rooms
  • Baby sling – perfect for use when travelling with baby, or once you’ve arrived at your destination
  • Sterilizing equipment (if necessary)

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