One travel scams

This site is a scam, plain and simple. Their entire business model is to find a way to screw you over and keep your money. I purchased a ticket from OneTravel about 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. They sent me an email from their "fraud prevention department" [Which was my first red flag, I fly on a weekly basis and have never had to verify myself when purchasing a ticket before] saying that I needed to call them and provide a verbal verification of my identity.

Over the past 24 hours I have called them numerous times, been hung up on [reading other reviews on here, it seems that they like to hang up on people quite a bit], and despite providing all of the information asked for, still could not be verified. They didn't tell me this, though; they told me that I was verified, and I only found out that they never issued a ticket while I was checking in for the flight today.

Thankfully I showed up very early at the airport, because I anticipated something like this happening. After several more expensive international calls to OneTravel, being hung up on twice more, asking to speak to a supervisor and being put on hold for 15 minutes before being told there was no supervisor, they finally informed me that they could not complete the verification and thus could not issue my tickets.

This entire experience has cost me a lot of money, not only from the ticket booking cost (which it seems like they will fight tooth and nail to not return to me), but also from the unforeseen expenses of having to book another hotel room for the night and purchase another short notice ticket. I will also be missing several important appointments because of this.

I have been a frequent flier for the last several years, and this is unequivocally the worst ticket booking experience that I have ever had. I am appalled at the behavior of this company. From their website, I ascertain that their business is based in a strip mall (again, what??) in Las Vegas. I am reporting them to the Nevada Bureau of Consumer Protection, and encourage anyone else who has been wronged by these fraudsters to do the same.

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