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Stable bandages can be used for many different things from keeping your horse’s legs warm on a cold day/night to helping prevent swelling in the legs after hard exercise and commonly used to keep medical padding or coverings on injuries. Stable bandages should start just below the horse’s knee and finish on the pastern (ankle). Normally I would start half way down the leg travelling downwards with the bandage overlapping it on each half of the bandage, so you should see a line where the last lap is underneath, then going back up and finishing at the top of the leg with the strap on the outside and pointing towards the back of the horse. Same with the laps they should always start from the cannon bone around the tendon and back around to the cannon (front of the lower leg). Some people also apply tape around the strap for extra security.EQSB-2 Some people also put padding under the bandage for extra warmth and protection to the leg. The material normally used for stable bandages is a fleece type of material; this will still give your horse’s leg support while keeping them nice and toasty.

Exercise bandages are basically what they say on the tin and are used to support the legs i.e. tendons, ligaments and muscles during exercise. They can be used in any discipline from dressage (warm-ups only) to basic schooling. They start from the top of the lower leg and finish just above the pasterns and have what looks like an upside down ‘v` at the front of the pasterns, you do this by Appling it the same way as the stable bandages apart from angling it on a diagonal when lapping around the leg then when at the bottom changing the angle to upward facing and coming back up the leg to finish at the top again some people tape for extra security when riding. These bandages are normally a stretchy material so they can provide more support than a stable bandage while also stretching with the leg for flexibility.

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