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What companies have you traveled with as a CNA? Do they give you housing and other benefits like the RN/LPN travel companies?

I'm not going to give out the name of the company I work for now. They're fairly small and I'd like to keep my hours.:18:

Though some others would be;

Medical Staffing Network & InteliStaf Travel
Healthcare Staffing Network (I haven't checked them out but I know someone who works for them)
and there are others. If a person wants to work travel they just have to be willing to search and do their homework.

The travel company I work for pays a CNA for the same things the RN/LPN's get. It's travel work... just because CNA's are doing the traveling doesn't mean we get any less (other than wage of course).
For instance if I were to go to Hawaii for a 13 week contract I would get;

paid flight to and from
paid housing
paid rental car
per diem weekly
hourly wage for hours worked
maybe a bonus
and benefits that apply

If I work closer to home per diem or contract I get;

mileage or a per diem for every 8 hr shift I work
paid housing & sometimes meals
hourly wage for hours worked
maybe a bonus (it all depends of the facility)

Usually the CNA jobs aren't jumping out at you like the RN/LPN jobs. You have to dig in the site a little bit to find it, or you have to go by word of mouth. :4:

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