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The Denver International Airport, also called DIA, is the principal airport of Denver. Ranked as one of the 10 busy airports in the world, so many flights land each day that it's easy to find cheap airfare to Denver. Denver happens to be the primary center for the United Airlines and it is also where Frontier Airlines' headquarters are located. The Denver International Airport has many services and facilities, such as passenger trains, dedicated smoking lounges and pet-care areas, and free Wi-Fi. The Denver Airport also has a well-connected shuttle service, which connects passengers from the airport to their respective hotels or homes throughout the city.

One of the most efficient ways to get around the city is by rental car. Denver's roads and highways are easily navigable, and there is usually a lot of available parkingÑthough you might have to pay for it in and around downtown. There is also public transportation in Denver, in the form of buses and light rail. The buses run throughout the metro area and should transport you efficiently to almost anywhere you want to go. For a fast ride that avoids traffic, you can take the light rail. Denver is a very environmentally conscious city, so bike riding is also encouraged.

Denver is home to numerous museums and parks, all of which make for an interesting and packed itinerary during your stay here. Airfare to Denver is cheap, which also accounts for the scores of travelers making their way to this lovely city each year. The Denver Art Museum has a one-of-a-kind collection with numerous artifacts and interesting items from across the world. The Performing Arts Center is also very famous. The renowned Municipal Auditorium or Ellie Caulkins Opera House is a stronghold of Denver culture and arts. Because Denver is situated in the Rocky Mountains, there are many exciting outdoor activities you can do to enjoy the amazing vista.

Every year travelers take flights to Denver to experience its vibrant nightlife, fabulous culinary culture, and shopping centers. The music and nightlife scene is very contemporary and active, and you can hear various genres such as classical, jazz, folk, and pop music.

Many restaurants in Denver boast on-site breweries, and the city sees the biggest influx of tourists during its annual Great American Beer Festival.

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