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Create a dedicated place for your furry friend with a comfortable, spacious crate. Dog crates cater to your pet’s natural instinct to den in a private, homey space. Dog kennels can be well utilized with crate training so you can teach your dog to rest in a safe and secure place during the night or day. Dog crates come in all shapes, sizes and styles, affording you the opportunity to choose the best one for your pet and home setup.

Dog carriers are types of dog kennels that can be transported between locations. They can help you safely take your pet with you on the road and provide a safe haven for your dog once you arrive at your destination. Dog carriers typically feature at least one handle for easy carrying as well as one or two side doors; some dog carriers even have top doors for pets that are less keen on entering through the side.

Dog kennels come in a variety of materials and styles, giving you plenty of options to choose the right one for your pet. Many varieties are made with strong wire and metal hardware. Others can be designed with strong plastic in combination with wire. Carriers designed for air travel utilize canvas and look like fashionable travel accessories. Some dog crates are designed to fit in with your home’s furniture and can include materials like wood.

You can accessorize your dog’s kennel with essentials like feeders and bowls designed specifically for use in a crate. Crate trays are also a great accessory while housetraining or crate training your pet; replacement trays can take the place of broken or chewed trays, ideal for pet parents with dogs that love to chew or teething puppies. And don’t forget crate pads and mats to make your furry friend’s home a little softer and comfier.

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