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Member Spotlight: The Travel House of Quincy

“You work hard for your money, why risk it?” asks Mecki Kosin, owner of the Travel House of Quincy. “Working with a travel consultant can help you make the most of your travel budget and ensure a safe, fun, relaxing, and worry-free vacation.”
Kosin got started in the travel business while she was still a student in Germany.

“I met an American travel agent who brought Young Life travelers to the school my sister attended, ” said Kosin. “Since there was a curfew for young people under 18 in Germany and I was the only one in our family old enough to go with our student to the Young Life meetings on the other side of Frankfurt, I became involved in that program. That led me to working as a tour guide for the agency, leading travelers from the United States, including soldiers who arrived in Frankfurt, on walking tours.”

That travel agency also provided a safe house for refugees, giving Kosin and her colleagues exposure to a wide variety of cultures and cuisines.

After meeting her [now] husband when he was stationed in Germany, Kosin moved to Quincy in 1972 and worked at the Travel Center for few years before taking time to stay home with her children. When her children were older, she worked for the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce for ten years, founding the Sister City program during that time. Kosin got back into the travel industry in 1991, operating a bus tour business until purchasing the Travel House in January 1999.

With ten employees, including two full-time, the Travel House has an expert in almost every area of the business. “One of our travel consultants has expertise in Mexico, especially Rivera Maya, ” said Kosin. “Another is a cruise expert, and we have graduates of Disney’s School of Knowledge. My expertise is Europe and Germany in particular. I am the only consultant in town who is a Certified Travel Counselor through the Institute of Certified Travel Agents. Achieving that distinction was an important personal goal, and it was great training.

Certification must be maintained annually and includes extensive continuing education.”

Kosin says Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Disney World, cruises and port cities on the coast are all popular with Quincy travelers.

“Fall is a good time to book winter travel, ” said Kosin. “We now have the convenience of many non-stop flights from St. Louis to warmer destinations, but it’s important to book soon. There are rooms available but flights will begin to get full, especially around the holidays.”

This year, the Travel House has set up several clients on train trips to the western United States, with sleeping cars and several stops in national parks. Disney World, which occasionally offers special packages through the Travel House, is a great destination for families any time of year. According to Kosin, Europe has remained a top destination, despite the value of the Euro.

“I love working on self-guided trips, especially to Europe, ” said Kosin. “All your activities can be planned in advance, giving you the ease and convenience of group travel, but offering much more flexibility than group tours. Booking activities in advance is especially helpful when there is a language barrier.”

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