Travel on $50 a Day

Fellow blogger Nomadic Matt is currently touring the country to promote his book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. That $50 includes accommodations, meals, etc. While I don’t necessarily subscribe to a budget travel philosophy, he has lots of advice you may find useful if you want to spend an extended period on the road or if you just want to know how to stretch your dollars further. If he can teach you how to travel on $50 a day, just imagine what’s possible with $100 or $200.

Nomadic Matt book tour

Some of Matt’s tips involve the miles and points strategies you’ll read about on this blog and others, like . (I helped contribute to a few chapters in another of his books, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking.) Other tips you probably won’t read on any blog about miles and points because that’s just not what this crowd focuses on. Matt has a very diverse history as a travel writer.

Those who are interested can head over to the University Bookstore tonight at 7 PM. It’s located at 4326 University Way NE, and you should I’ll probably be nearby getting a beer before the event, so send me a message on Twitter if you want to meet up!

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