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Travel is an essential element of running any business – you and your employees will likely need to travel to take part in educational workshops and seminars, attend conventions, and meet with important clients and vendors. If you own a small business, though, you might not have the budget available for an in-house travel department. You could book your business travel services through one of the major online travel sites; however, this approach involves taking considerable time to compare rates, coordinate transportation, and make sure all of your employees can travel together. This, of course, is time not spent on building your business.

Instead of spending your time searching for travel deals for your next business trip, you might consider working with a travel agency. A dedicated business travel agent can provide several important services to help you get the most out of business travel.

Working with an agency can help ensure that all of your employees can take the same flights and stay in adjacent rooms in the same hotel. This can maximize productivity by giving your team opportunities to meet and refine business strategies between client meetings or workshop sessions.

Of course, it is important for you and your team to choose a hotel that is close to your meeting or convention location. A travel agency can identify the hotels that offer the easiest access to convention centers, business buildings, and other common business trip destinations. For example, if you are attending a meeting at the DuPage Corporate Center at, your agent might recommend the Westin Yorktown Center, Hyatt Place, or Embassy Suites.

A travel agency might also be able to reduce your travel costs by finding package deals that include airfare, hotel rooms, and any necessary ground transportation to help you and your employees get around. In some cases, you might receive an additional hotel discount through a travel agent by booking multiple rooms at once.

Although you and your team will undoubtedly be busy during your business trip, you will probably have free time to explore the area around your meeting location. Finding activities and attractions on your own can be difficult, particularly if you are not familiar with your destination. A travel agency can help by telling you about restaurants, tours, shows, and other attractions that can make your trip more enjoyable. In some cases, you can even book tours and excursions directly through your travel agent.

Many business owners assume that a travel agency would cost them more than booking online; however, this is usually not the case. Agents typically receive their commissions from travel providers, rather than from clients. This means that you will not have to pay higher rates and fares than you’ll find available through major travel sites. In some cases, your agent might even be able to access unpublished rates that are lower than the standard published rates offered by online brokers.

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