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Office365_Canonical Image-FINALAbove is my Ireland travel planner for 2013 (I also have one for 2012, as well as a few from conferences from the past couple years). My design isn’t super fancy, but it works like a charm! Because one subscription of Office 365 can be added to 5 devices, I was able to easily share planning to the laptop I use for travel as well as let my husband and cousin in on the itinerary – and even give them a chance to share their thoughts easily.

As we traveled, I used the OneNote app on my phone (I’m an Android) to check addresses, directions, visit websites and find phone numbers.

Another really nice bonus that comes with Office 365- 60 Skype World calling minutes. Due to the time difference, it wasn’t always a good time for me to call home when Doug could be at his computer. With the Skype minutes, I could call his phone and not incur hideous roaming charges (as long as I had wifi).

OneNote has become my indispensable travel tool and I recommend it often. The only drawback I have found is that it is not available for Macs (yet), though there is an iPhone app if you cross-mingle your devices.

My One Note Travel PlannerTips for Organized Travel with OneNote

It’s easy to use OneNote for all your vacation planning – and even your travel dreams!

  • Create tabs for flights, lodging, dining reservations, attractions you want to visit and your final itinerary.
  • The “send to OneNote’ tool lets you quickly grab webpages and screenshots and insert them directly into OneNote.
  • Within these tabs, you can create pages for each day, location or person on your trip.
  • Make a packing list. The handy check boxes you can insert are helpful for keeping track of what you have already packed.
  • Keep your travel journal. You can write notes, insert photos and even voice recordings so you won’t forget anything.
  • Create a budget spreadsheet with Excel and input it directly into OneNote. Editing from oneNote is easy- and it will save in the spreadsheet, as well.
  • Save your plans to SkyDrive. Then share the link with friends and family. Anyone with OneNote can access the notebook. And you can see who made changes as the author’s initials show next to their input.
  • Use the from the pros at magazine to help you start planning your dream getaway.

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