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Would you like to work in the travel industry–and for an employer people love having for a boss? You probably spend hours from time to time scouring the web for cheap flights, great accommodations, go-to restaurants and must-see attractions – but how about being in the business of providing those things? Even if you only want to have an enjoyable vacation, it’s important to consider which airlines, hotels, and travel agencies have the most satisfied employees.

Why? “Employee sentiment of those working in the travel industry can affect a traveler’s experience before, during and even after their vacation, ” says spokesperson Samantha Zupan. “It follows the idea of ‘paying it forward.’ If you have a good experience as an employee, chances are you are more likely to create a good experience for your customers.”, a jobs and career community where people can share workplace insights, took an in-depth look at reviews from employees at well-known airlines, hotels, online travel agencies to find the best travel companies to work for. The report shows how satisfied employees are with their employer, and how well (or poorly) their CEOs have fared in the past year.

According to reports submitted by people in the travel industry between June 2012 and June 2013, the best company to work for is the online travel agency Orbitz. It took the top honors with a 4.0 rating out of a possible 5, for a second consecutive year.

“Orbitz employees tout smart and creative co-workers, fun and innovative technology, as well as senior leaders who embrace transparency as just some of the great things about working at the company, ” Zupan says. “Employees also rave about the open-door policy within the company, and a unique company culture.”

Orbitz employees also admire its leadership, as CEO Barney Harford yielded a 86% approval rating.

A Chicago-based Orbitz employee wrote: “Good compensation, fun atmosphere, flexible, great city, great people, feel valued, a chance to interact with senior leaders. I’ve really enjoyed working for Orbitz and have experience a high level of job satisfaction.”

Southwest Airlines holds the No. 2 spot. The low-cost carrier follows closely behind Orbitz with a 3.9 rating.

Employees at the airline appreciate their flexible schedules, great travel and medical benefits, bosses who listen to their needs and salary increases throughout their careers at Southwest. “Employees also talk about opportunities to grow, learn and advance their career, ” Zupan adds.

A Dallas-based Southwest Airlines employee said of the company: “Amazing corporate culture, benefits are awesome, and it truly feels like being part of a giant family.”

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