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Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 13.04.05Often I get asked by other Travel bloggers if joining the Travel Blog Success (TBS) Travel blogging network is worth the time and investment. As I’ve been an active member for a few years now I thought I would put together an honest review to help those who are currently making a decision if they should join or not.

First of all I would like to highlight as a member of TBS you can earn a commission Based off every referral through their affiliate program, this is available for every member.

I will use this link at the end of the post (If I’ve done a good enough job telling you about TBS, might as well earn a coffee and hostel night for myself, everything is appreciated at the end of the day, thank you in advance!).

However, I would not like to use the Affiliate link program for TBS to cloud my judgement and I will keep this blog post 100% honest to help you make a decision as TBS is not for everyone, here are my thoughts:

Why Did I join TBS?

My travel blog up till 2011 was simply for fun, I enjoyed writing about my travel adventures and sharing helpful travel tips with the internet. Only problem was I happened to be writing a lot of content, but no one was reading it and I was a little clueless on how to make money travel blogging.

I wanted to locate a network I could relate to and all I could find was Travel Blog success. After watching the promotional video and reading some reviews, I decided to sign up instantly, fork out the high fee and jump in at the deep end.

Was Joining TBS Worth it?

I saw Travel Blog Success as an investment in my travel blog, as I wanted success so badly. I had put hours of work into my travel blog and I thought about investing my money into a program such as TBS, I would earn instant success like it was unlocking some sort of secret.

Did this travel blog success instantly happen?

Simple answer: no….

Just like anything in life you have to put in the time, I see all over the web these sorts of programs where you pay an expensive fee and they promise instant success! They often have references from other successful people who have followed the course and along with the promise of a money back guarantee of 30 days, you think surely this will work for me too? No brainer, right!

It’s important to understand that by chucking money at something does not unlock the gravy train of instant success, these courses simply offer the tools to duplicate other peoples success following a pathway that they took, you’re simply cutting out all the A/B testing, they just point you in the direction of which pathway best worked for them.

Put in the work and you too can replicate what others have achieved.

I will hold my hands up high and say personally, I fell for this!

In fact, I never did the course or logged on for the first year, I paid the fee and thought that the success would come, it didn’t.

What Happened next with Travel Dave and Travel blog success?

(I was getting too lazy and I lost focus with my Travel blog)

One day I woke up, very angry with myself, I’ll never forget this day as I had a massive hangover from a crazy night out in Holland and I hadn’t put together a blog post for a few months. I was kicking myself and upset that I had let go of something great, I had poured a lot of hours and investment into Travel Dave But didn’t get anything out of it, so I simply gave up.

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