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Test your travel and geographic knowledge with these fast, fun and educational online travel games:

Use your trusty candy cane to stop the NZTG salespeople bothering you on Christmas morning. Score as many points as you can in one minute. Submit your score by 10am Tuesday 15th January 2013 and be in with a chance to win some great prizes.
Think you know the world? See if you can pinpoint places on the map in this fun test of your geographic knowledge.
If you're in a race around the world, how close could you come to your target? Find out with the Amazing Race game online.
Do you really know where all the capitals of the world are? Time to put your knowledge to the test.
Do you know which is the Union Jack or The Lonely Star? This online game is a great way to see how many flags you know.
See if you can drop the flag in the right place in a quick-fire Internet game to test your speed and travel knowledge.
Great ideas of where next to go, as well as a fun online test of which famous tourist destinations you can recognise.
Be ready to click quick, with this fast and furious test of your travel IQ.

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