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pineapple-blog-coverConnecting hosts and guests across the world to share local tips and inspiring stories. This has always been our mission. And it is something that, until now, we’ve only showcased online.

Enter Pineapple. As Airbnb’s first print magazine, Pineapple is a physical leap from online content to a tangible collection of our community’s stories and inspirations.

During the past few months, we’ve been gathering anecdotes, interviews, and adventures from members of this community in three cities around the world: London, Seoul, and San Francisco. These cities were chosen for the incredible cast of characters who have shaped their cultural landscapes. And with each coming issue, we will be looking at a different trio of cities to expand our storytelling network across the globe.

And the goal of all of this? That’s simple: Pineapple was made to connect and to inspire. It’s meant be rolled up and stuffed into backpacks, to be flipped through on trains and planes, pages bookmarked. It should be passed along from host to traveler, stranger to friend.

pineapple-blog-seoulAs for the name: the pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality, on historical records dating back to the 1400s. Representing welcoming and friendship, the once rare and exotic fruit would be placed near an entryway as a token of respect from host to guest. So it seems only fitting that, as Airbnb’s magazine, Pineapple will be shared from host to traveler as a symbol of belonging and as a shared celebration of this global adventure.

Our first issue of Pineapple will be found in select host homes in the Airbnb community. We will also be distributing limited copies to select stockists in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. To buy a copy of Pineapple in the UK and Europe, please visit . To buy it online in the US, check out . And to find out more about Pineapple in general, please visit


North America:

Inform Interiors, Canada Vancouver
Spoonbills and Sugartown, NY, US
Art Metropole, Canada, Toronto
Ibiki, Canada, Montreal.
Canadian Center of Architecture. Canada, Montreal
Portland Trading Co., Portland, ME
Hennessey and Ingalls, CA, LA
Mohawk General Store, CA, LA
Room 2046, Canada, Toronto
Drawn and Quarterly, Canada, Montreal
Rooney Shop, Canada, Montreal

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