Traveling internationally

US citizens traveling internationally on the upswingUS citizen outbound totaled 15.4 million travelers for the first quarter of the year, up 8 percent. Solid growth was shown to Asia and Canada, as well as strong traffic to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Middle East.

Regional results were:

• Europe, 1.927 million travelers, up two percent

• Caribbean, 1.927 million travelers, up 10 percent

• Asia, 1.157 million travelers, up seven percent

• Central America, 738, 000 travelers, up one percent

• Middle East, 466, 000 travelers, up 16 percent

• South America, 419, 000 travelers, flat

• Oceania, 183, 000 travelers, up five percent

• Africa, 73, 000 travelers, flat

US travel to North American markets totaled 8.464 million, up 11 percent

• Mexico, 6.889 million travelers, up 12 percent; air travel (2.1 million) up eight percent

• Canada, 1.575 million travelers, up six percent; air travel (568, 000) up seven percent

US travel to overseas locations accounted for 45 percent of US outbound international travel.

• Europe, a 13 percent share

• Caribbean, a 13 percent share

• Asia, an eight percent share

• Central America, a five percent share

• South America, a three percent share

• Middle East, a three percent share

• Oceania, a one percent share

• Africa, almost a one percent share

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