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green card travelGreen card holders are permitted to travel internationally, but United States Citizenship and Immigration Services keeps an eye on how long permanent residents are out of the country — and these regulations have become stricter.

Green card holders cannot travel outside of the US for more than one year without a reentry permit.

What are the penalties for spending too much time outside of the US, and how can green card holders travel with more security?

Green Card Holder Travel Documents

Green card holders generally need a passport from their country of citizenship or a refugee travel document in order to travel to another country. If the country you are traveling to speaks a language which is not on your passport, getting a passport translation may be a good idea.

Foreign counties may also have additional requirements, such as a visa.

Green Card Holders: Establishing Continuous Physical Presence

Green card holders are required to “establish continuous physical presence” in order to maintain legal status.

Green card holders can prove US ties through documents showing that they own a home or rent an apartment, or through financial and legal documents such as bank account statements and tax returns. However, it becomes far more difficult to prove US ties when the green card holder has been traveling abroad for more than one year.

Voluntary Departure & Starting Over

When a green card holder’s absence exceeds one year, he or she may be placed in removal proceedings. Once in removal proceedings, most people will have the option of requesting voluntary departure.

Voluntary departure allows the green card holder to give up his or her green card and any current applications that USCIS may be processing. Then the green card holder is free to go back to his or her home country.

If the request for voluntary departure is granted, then the process for a green card starts anew. For many, this is the best option, as there are no restrictions as to how soon one can reapply for a new green card after they voluntarily depart.

However, if voluntary departure is selected, the green card holder forfeits the right to present a defense to removal, such as asylum, withholding of removal, cancellation of removal, a petition through a family member or any other motions.

It is also very important when voluntary departure is granted that the green card holder leaves the United States on the specified date, otherwise a ban on reentering the United States may take effect. It could be up to 10 years before he or she can return.

Green Card Holder Travel Precautions

Green card holders can take precautions if they plan to travel outside of the United States for an extended period of time.

The primary and most effective way to be outside the United States for more than one year is obtaining a reentry permit.

A reentry permit can be issued by filling out Form I-131, Application for Travel Document. When granted, this document allows green card holders to be out of the country for up to two years without disrupting their continuous physical presence requirement.


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