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New Zealand is a child-friendly place, and while other people’s kids aren’t revered in the way they are in Mediterranean Europe, if you’re travelling with children you’ll find broad acceptance.

Accommodation is well geared for families: family rooms are almost always available at motels and hostels, and holiday parks (campsites) typically offer self-contained units where the whole family can be together. The better holiday parks also have kids’ play areas and often a swimming pool. To be more self-sufficient, consider renting a medium-sized campervan with its own shower and toilet, though the downside is that you’ll have no escape.

Travelling around you’ll find public toilets in most towns and anywhere tourists congregate – cleanliness standards are usually good.

Older kids can often join in adult adventure activities, though restrictions may apply. Bungy operators usually require a minimum age of 10, though this might rise to 12 or 13 for the bigger jumps. Whitewater rafting is typically limited to those 13 and over, though there are a few easier family-oriented trips. Similar restrictions apply to other activities – ask when you book. Family tickets are often available and usually cost about the same as two adults and one child.

Children are welcomed in most cafés and restaurants, and most will make a reasonable effort to accommodate you.

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