Travel Risk Planning System Navy

A much-used trip-planning tool

Travel Risk Planning System

What is it?

The Travel Risk Planning System, commonly known as TRiPS, is an online, automated risk assessment tool developed to help commanders and leaders mitigate risk and reduce fatalities among personnel driving a private motor vehicle or motorcycle outside their local area.

What has the Army done?

Army Regulation 385-10, The Army Safety Program, requires that Soldiers complete a TRiPS assessment when traveling outside their local area on leave, pass, during a permanent change of station or on official travel. Department of the Army Civilians are required to complete an assessment prior to official travel or Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

Through TRiPS, users respond to a series of standard questions based on their vehicle type and other travel data. The system then calculates risk levels and presents the user with actual reports from accidents that occurred under similar circumstances, followed by possible mitigation strategies. A final risk calculation is performed according to selected mitigation measures, and the user is presented with supplemental materials including driving directions and a map to his or her destination. The assessment and a partially completed leave form are then submitted to the user's supervisor for approval.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

  • - User load capability
  • - Department of Army/Department of Defense security compliance
  • - Update and edit accident summaries
  • - Re-designate organization for Joint Service environment
  • - Road construction, weather and hazard notification
  • - Mapping upgrade with support service interface
  • - Multi-leg, round-trip and one-way travel
  • - Recreational vehicle and trailer towing planner
  • - Improved user email compatibility
  • - Additional TRiPS reports
  • - Assessment completion time
  • - Smartphone applications (coming soon)

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