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Sweet-Istanbul-TurkeyWhat many have said to me over the years:
“You are so lucky to travel so much.”
“There is no way I can travel with my children.”
“Go on all your travels before you have babies.”
“Traveling is risky; it’s just not safe, not these days.”
“I love to travel, but I hate to leave home behind.”
And my least favorite:
“Oh yes, of course I am going to travel someday. You should see my dream list of countries to visit …. someday. Someday soon!”

raveling is so widely accessible to us human beings today that I wonder why those who dream and desire it so much are not out there doing it all the time! Some of us want to go to Europe; some dream of Africa. Some people want to travel to the far east. In fact, when I lived in Iran, taking a holiday in Cyprus was one of the most popular destinations. One day, I will need to make a trip just to Cyprus for that. Can you think of a place where you want to take a holiday and yet have not made any plans to go?

And yet real travel fears and anxieties stand in the way of even the best of our intentions, the type of fears that cripple the most steady dreams of travel in the most willing hearts and confident souls.

Allowing fear to choose for you between an illusion of safety and a dream of traveling shall never serve you well. Easy decisions are not always the right decisions; there is a difference between planning for the future and putting things off indefinitely. And most of all, the weight of a future regret should tick the worst sounding alarms in your ears, and ideally arm you with a sense of urgency about life.


Sigh. Alas, fear (that elusive, powerful force deeply rooted in our minds and hearts) still manages to rule the day and the passions of the soul are set aside once again to make room for comfort, status quo, and waiting.

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