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I applied online. The process took 4+ months – interviewed at Travelers Companies (Toronto, ON (Canada)).


It took about 4 months. 1st a call with HR. Basic questions like why do you want to work here. 2nd an interview with the two Product Managers. It was less formal and more a conversation where they explained what they did. 3rd an interview with the Director, again informal convo.

The interviews didn't take long, maybe a month or so. The hiring part took the longest. After the interviews the HR rep went mute. They were interested then they told me they wanted to continue interviewing everyone else, which took a few months.

When they did call me to tell me I got the job, HR rep was a little strange. She called me two weeks after that and told me again that I had the job, as if she was telling me for the first time. They wanted me to interview with another person, but then never heard back when I offered my availability. We negotiated the salary. Then they were supposed to send me all the details (vacay etc) and didn't, even though I asked for it via email. They again went mute for a couple of weeks or so. Then I received the offer letter and phone calls from the managers congratulating me on the new job - though I hadn't signed the contract and had just received it.

The offer was contingent on a criminal, credit, and employment background check which they've outsourced to Hireright. The employment check is for the past 7 years of employment. They verify dates and salary.

They give minimal vacay days. They call it 'Paid Time Off' which includes sick time etc. Which is weird. They PTO was 20 I think.

Once I read the terms and conditions I asked the HR rep to send me more details on the bonus and why HireRight had the right to know my salary for the past 7 years, but didn't get it. I eventually rejected the offer.

They didn't manage the offer process well. It was long and disorganised. It took about a month from the time I got the call that I've was hired to the time I received the contract. I also didn't get the answers I needed. The whole interview process was long too - they wanted to hire me one min then went mute, then called me to offer me the job. But by that point months had passed and the initial excitement that is there from doing the interviews had faded.

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They did negotiate by upping the offer by a few thousand, but then said that they were not going back tot he drawing board.

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