Traveling Overwatch

overwatch3Imagine if Pixar made Team Fortress 2. Now go watch this. Now.

You back? What you just saw was Overwatch, a hot new IP coming out from Blizzard Entertainment next year.

Known for titles such as Starcraft, Diablo, and World of Warcraft, Blizzard is now branching out into the world of team-based multiplayer combat with Overwatch, and the marketing hype for this game is already reaching the frothing point.

From what we’ve seen so far, this fast-paced, class-based shooter is chock full of memorable characters, unique abilities and playable game types. With this new title, Blizzard seems set to make a move into the competitive FPS market, and they aren’t playing to lose.

What first struck me about the game was the people you can play as. From mystical archers to spider-like snipers, to angry gorillas and the most adorable time-traveling Cockney gal you’ve seen in gaming. The sheer diversity of the cast of characters you can play is unforgettable. Each member has special skills and abilities uniquely situated to a combat role, making teamwork and communication a must. It’s the integration of these different abilities, and the gameplay possibilities, that makes this game especially interesting. Instead of traditional battle strategies, maybe you’ll use your Widowmaker’s sniper to restrict the other team’s movement, pepper them with fire from your teleporting Tracer, lock down their escape routes with Torbjorn’s rocket launching turrets, and then mop them up with Winston’s primal rage. Alternatively, you can teleport your Tracer into their midst, drop a bomb, and then use her awesome-looking Rewind special to return to the place she was five seconds ago. Laughing while you watch your enemy blow up is optional.

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