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Why would I want to be featured on A Luxury Travel Blog?

A Luxury Travel Blog was named one of the best travel blogs in the world by The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK and the “best for luxury”.

A Luxury Travel Blog serves over 300, 000 unique visitors per month, with most visitors hailing from the US and UK.

A Luxury Travel Blog is a very active blog, with new material being published on an almost daily basis and, more usually, multiple times a day. To date, there have been over 8, 000 posts published on the blog, with contributions from over 300 different authors and experts from across the luxury travel industry.

A Luxury Travel Blog has over 230, 000 likes on Facebook.

A Luxury Travel Blog has over 440, 000 followers on Twitter.

Paul has even been added to over 15, 000 circles on Google+ even though he doesn’t use that social network all that much!

You’ll be hard-pushed to find any luxury travel blog – or indeed any travel blog – that can compete with this level of reach.

*All figures and searches are correct at the time of writing (November 2014). Click on the links for the most current data.

OK… I’m convinced… so how do I appear on the blog?

There are numerous ways – both free and paid – that you or your business can be featured on A Luxury Travel Blog.

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