Travel I 90 Madison to Chicago

I-90, I-94, and I-290. Chicago

4. Re: Bypassing Chicago traffic while driving to Madison, Wi

take the 294 up to o'hare, then 90 out to s-burg. mid-day traffic going northbound *should* be ok, but it's always a crapshoot.

and as always, i can't stress it enough. tune into AM 780 or FM 105.9 for traffic (and weather) updates every 10 minutes... you should be able to pick up the AM signal pretty far out, so you can fine tune your route as you get closer to chicagoland... if traffic is moving thru the city during your planned passage, go for it as the entire route is FREE till you get out to o'hare/I-90 (northwest tollway).

yes, the lake effect snow warnings are it's a real possibility I-80-94 will be a parking lot during the snow event. again, listen to 780 AM. if it sounds horrible, you may wanna take a detour way south of the snowbelt.

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