Travel Nursing Salary

5 Things To Know About Travel

You work hard and at Cross Country TravCorps we feel you should be well compensated for the dedication and commitment you put into your career. That's why we make it a priority to keep our travel nursing benefits amongst the best in the industry.

Earn the salary you deserve!
If salary is the concern that holding you back from actually hitting the road and enjoy life as a traveler — don’t let it! Travel nursing salaries are some of the highest in the nursing profession. Plus, as a traveler with a well-established company like Cross Country TravCorps, you have the job selection you need to keep working for as long as you want. Your travel nurse salary will be consistent and vary little depending on where you head off to for your next assignment.

In fact, some nurse specialty could earn pay rates as high as $50 per hour. Plus, on many of our positions we also pay shift differentials and offer guaranteed hours. Add to your travel nurse salary the referral and sign-on bonuses, the Tax Advantage Plan, a comprehensive benefits package and there will be very little to miss from a permanent staff position. See the country, and earn great pay — it’s that simple.

Privacy & comfort in your home away from home.
Cross Country TravCorps always offers free, private housing on every assignment. We even turn on the lights and utilities… all you have to take care of are phone and cable. What's even better, we even reimburse you for the travel to get to and from your assignment.

Comprehensive insurance has you covered.
As a travel nurse you'll receive benefits that will rival any staff position. From health, life and dental insurance to free professional liability insurance — we'll make sure you are fully covered. We also offer dependent coverage as well as supplemental and short-term coverage. You can feel confident that the travel nursing insurance you'll receive with Cross Country TravCorps is as good, if not better, than what you would receive in a permanent position.

Better Bonuses!
Travel nursing bonuses can be a nice supplement to your terrific salary. Cross Country TravCorps offers generous referral bonuses of $500. What's more, we offer completion bonuses on many of our assignments — these can range anywhere from $500 to as much as $3000.

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