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Riley and Becca's wedding in TennesseeAs I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to take time this week to consciously consider what I am thankful for and share it with you all. I would also love to hear from you on what you’re reflecting on this week, so please share in the comments!

When I first thought about what I’m thankful for, I realized how much is equipped by travel. This thankfulness works two fold: on the one hand, it allows us to see friends and family that live outside of the great state of Texas, and on the other hand also lets us to see new places for the first time, which is something we really enjoy.

Sometimes it can be really hard not having family in town or having some of our good friends live so far away. If we weren’t able to hop on a plane or get in a car for a road trip, there is so much that we would miss out on in the lives of those we love. I’m grateful that this year we have traveled far more than we had ever anticipated. It allowed us to go to our friends’ wedding in Nashville and be part of their special day. We were able to attend my brother’s college graduation which was so wonderful to see. We were able to go to Rochester for my cousin Denisse’s daughter’s baptism, which meant meeting precious little Daniella and getting to spend time with my goddaughter Isabella. We were able to share sweet time with my family during trips to . Chip and I were able to explore on our own during work and anniversary trips. Just this past weekend we were able to go to Denver to visit my brother as well as one of my closest college friends (stay tuned for a post on that trip!). I’m thankful that we live in a time where travel is as advanced as it is; let’s be real, if we were still in the Oregon trail days, we really wouldn’t be able to see anyone past Boerne.

So today, I am thankful that we have been able to visit so many dear people as well as see new places together. Here’s to visiting more new places next year and continuing to visit loved ones wherever they may be!

Alex's graduation from Creighton With Daniella after her baptism With my aunt,  mom,  Daniella,  and goddaughter Isabella With Chip in Nantucket

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