Travelscope Joseph Rosendo

Julie and Joseph Rosendo
Joseph Rosendo, host of the PBS series Travelscope, and his wife Julie, the show's producer, in Carcassonne, France.


ET: In looking back over the years as a travel journalist, what kind of background might one need to make a success of this vocation?

JR: Without a doubt, I would say that above all else one needs a love of travel. I started my adult “professional career” (as in having a job in order to make a living) as an actor.

Along the way, as behooves all actors, I did other things. I was a newspaper delivery man, a Fuller Brush Man and a freelance writer.Ireland All of the talents I used in order to do those jobs have helped me. It’s obvious that being an actor would help one be a radio and televison host – and that’s true – but, being a salesman and a writer also helped. I took creative writing courses in college, but I never fancied myself a writer until I started doing it in order to pursue my dream of travel.

Yet, the one thing that motivated me most happened when I went to Europe as a 23-year-old as part of a USO tour of Germany. I was a graduate student at UCLA pursuing acting and was cast in “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” I loved performing for the troops who at that time were heading to Vietnam, yet, as significant experience as that was, what really changed my life was being in Europe and understanding how different life could be. I was hooked and never turned back from my dream from that moment on. The desire to travel as a lifestyle choice, not just a vocation, became my obsession, and I did everything necessary to make that happen.

ET: What have you found to be essential traits in reporting what you "find" on your trips to Europe?

JR: Curiosity. Observation. An open mind and heart. An ability to be able to put into words what I am discovering and feeling. An ability to be able to synthesize all the information and all the experiences I am having and communicate that in a meaningful way to my readers and viewers.

ET: Please name a couple of your most favorite locations to visit in Europe, and tell us why you like them.

Joseph Rosendo in Switzerland St. Moritz

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