Travelscope Switzerland

Host Joseph Rosendo’s open-hearted and welcoming personality invites viewers to join him on his cultural discoveries around the planet. The experienced Travelscope team travels the globe to capture breathtaking footage of the world’s travel treasures and provides viewers with cultural insights and the useful information they need to make their travel dreams a reality, in this .

Joseph Rosendo, whose love of travel and foreign cultures is rooted in his Cuban heritage, has produced and hosted the syndicated Travelscope Radio show for twenty years and may also be heard on Discovery Channel Radio. Joseph believes that travel provides the missing link between cultures. Each episode of Travelscope closes with a quote from Mark Twain: ‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” Says Rosendo, “it’s a truth that first turned me on to travel and has kept me hooked for more than thirty years.”


LENGTH: 78 x 30 Minutes
FORMAT: Series
SUPPLIER: Travelscope, LLC
RIGHTS TERRITORY: Worldwide, exclusive of USA

Season 700

Episode 701: A Land Far, Far Away – The Bonin/Ogasawara Islands
On the Bonin or Ogasawara Islands Joseph is reminded that travel is a treasure hunt. Even though one is told where the riches are buried, the real gems one has to find on their own. On this voyage to Tokyo’s most distant possessions – more than 600 miles and 25 hours by ferry from the mainland – Joseph partakes in kayaking, snorkeling, trekking and whale watching.

Episode 702: A San Antonio Christmas
San Antonio is a festival town and Christmas is a most festive time of year. Joseph joins the locals and visitors to celebrate the season along San Antonio’s famous River Walk surrounded by songs, decorations and plenty of holiday cheer.

Episode 703: Berlin and Western Poland – Over the Borderline
Beginning in Berlin and ending in Poznan, where the Polish state began, Joseph travels the German – Polish border region and is captivated by the beautiful structures, historic traditions and respected customs. He also is aware of what time and events have stolen.

Episode 704: Bhutan – Land of the Thunder Dragon
Joseph’s Bhutan adventure continues as he heads east over 14, 000 foot mountain passes to the Phobjikha Valley to witness the graceful antics of the rare and endangered Black-Necked Crane. While the cranes are breathtaking in their elegance and beauty, his overnight stay in a local guest house and unexpected invitation to join villagers constructing their neighbors’ adobe home proves most heart-warming and inspirational.

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