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I am going to be traveling for my collage graduation in November (which will make me about 7 months). Is this safe? I have been receiving mixed answers about this, and I really want to walk the line with the rest of my class.

Mom Answers

As long as your doctor has not put you on any restrictions it is safe for you, I am 25 weeks and have laready flown a few times. My doctor told me flying is safe for women up until delivery however, most airlines will not let you fly after 30 weeks or so because they do not want to be responsible if you go into preterm labor. So if you are going to fly make sure you go there and come back before 30 weeks or talk to the airlines you are flying with to find out their policy. Also my only problem with flying was having to pee when the seatbelt sign was lit up and we were in turbulence, so try to go right before you get on the plane, especially if you get kicked in bladder a lot like I do.

Definitely talk to your doctor. I flew up until 32 weeks pregnant. The worst part for me was putting my luggage overhead (few people were helpful, believe it!) AND the swollen ankles (and I didn't suffer from swelling or bloatedness!). Depending on your size, the airlines can give you a hard time b/c they simply don't want to deal with an in flight delivery. Fortunately for me, in spite of gaining 45 pounds, I looked pretty small and never had an issue. If you fly: - bring your own water and buy a big bottle. after the first service, it is likely they are serving "tap water" from the plane which simply can't be sanitary - bring snacks too. you might get hungry and can be easily tempted by the $3 chips on the plane. a homemade PBJ or fruit/veggies is so much better and your body will love you for it - i'm not a nervous traveler-i've been traveling for 15 years as a consultant. when pregnant, i gave myself plenty of time to clear security, get water, grab a book... - nap!!

for uncomplicated pregnancies, airlines will (should - in line with all other airlines) accept you up to 32 weeks without a medical certificate. Even after that, a note from your primary maternity carer will suffice to let you travel. Limit hand luggage to the bare essentials...why carry more than you need to?! You can always get them to put a note in your booking; or ask check in to note for the gate staff and cabin crew that you're pregnant, on the Passenger Name List; that way they can take that in to consideration if they need to.


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